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Someone asked me earlier today why I hadnt blogged for a while, and the usual excuse of “too busy” came easily to my lips, and then I started reciting a long litany of taks, new job roles and other stuff that gave me a perfectly legitimate excuse for why I havent contributed to the global store of knowlege since last November.  Frankly the too busy is just another way of saying that blogging just wasnt important to me any more, which is odd, because I like writing, even if only as a way to organise my thoughts and give myself clarity.

Then when piling through the 800 odd unread emails in my inbox (my very own “Big Data” problem), I stumbled across something Chirs Rutherford posted on linked-in about Parkinson’s Law of Triviality

It was at that time that I realised that this was the fundamental reason I’d stopped blogging, for the most part it was that I’d been blogging about increasingly trivial issues that werent worth either writing about and frankly I dont think many people really wanted to read it either.

Having said that there is stuff I do think is important, there are important issues that I believe need to be solved and that the smart dedicated people in IT can be a big part of helping to solve those problems. A lot of those people are people like my colleagues at NetApp, there are great guys in our reseller channel and our our customers and alliances and there are amazing, smart and admirable people working inside the companies against which I compete.

What I’d like to blog about from now on, is how we take what we do on a day to day basis and use that to make the world a better place. That was always what the “without borders” part of my blog title was meant to be about,

I still plan to write about some detailed tech stuff that NetApp does, (especially the stuff I think is geeky and cool), and I’ll probably still have the occasional rant about some of the more blatant misinformation, but if you see me getting into a rabid rant about trivialities, please remind me of this post, because information storage professionals are in many ways, the custodians of the worlds identities, and that, is way more important  than arguing what colour the bike shed should be

John Martin


PS. The picture of the bikeshed I’ve used comes from http://www.thebikeshed.org.au/ an organisation who’s work I believe really is important. If you are based in Melbourne and are interested in people taking positive action to enable others to help themselves to improve the world they live in, please check them out

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