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A Public Apology

This is an edited copy of a comment I posted on storagezilla’s blog (the second of two which said more or less the same thing, the comment moderation there doest seem to indicate whether the comment is posted or queued).  There was a secondary request to EMC which dilutes the essence of the apology and on reflection and feedback from other’s I’ve decided to remove it.

You’re right, it was 62 vBlock accounts not 62 vBlock’s sold as I tweeted

“1 Year in and just over 60 V-Blocks sold. I’ll wager that there will be many more FlexPod deployments in 12 months time”


“@DanMoz 63 in production or deployment according to the figures I saw. But you are right, the concept has been sold well.”

Thanks for pointing out the inaccuracy of these statements (though inferring that I’m dumb or a liar is a little harsh), and I fully recant/withdraw the comment and apologise for the dumb error, both here, on twitter where I made the statement, and on my own blog. I will be more careful in the future.

<Request removed .. JM >

Let the truth prevail.

Regards John Martin


On a third reading of this, even my apology was inaccurate, I claimed 63 vBlocks had been sold, not 62 … d’oh ! Time to get more sleep and up my game.

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